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Storm water drainage

Storm water drainage

Ensure your property has the right Storm water System to cope with any downpour.

If you’ve spent any time in Auckland, you’ll know it can pour down at a moments notice. And if you’re building or renovating a property, then you’ll need to ensure that your storm water drainage system is set up to deal with whatever the elements can throw at it.

A good storm water system can include a combination of solutions including, drains connecting to the storm water mains, cesspits, soak holes, detention tanks, and retention tanks. In some cases, water pumps and water tanks may also be an appropriate solution.

Auckland Council have specific guidelines as to how your storm water system needs to be set up depending on a range of factors, including; the size of your property, the size of your home and other buildings on the property, the amount of impervious surface that you’ll have, and the density of housing in your area. To ensure that you’re home is not only compliant with local by-laws, but also that it’ll comfortably cope with nature’s worst, talk to our expert team today, and get a no-obligation estimate for relevant and effective storm water drainage for your property.