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Sanitary / sewer drainage

Sanitary / sewer drainage

Sewerage Drainage Systems that take care of business

Taking care of sewerage removal from your home is not something most of us give a second thought to. But it’s the last thing you want deal with when something goes wrong. Drainage Solutions’ many years of experience have seen us take care of business for hundreds of homes across Auckland, so you can be confident that once we’ve set up your sanitary drainage system, you wont have to worry about it.

A sanitary / sewerage drainage system may include the following; drainage to main sewer, pump stations, plumbing and drainage, septic tanks, waste water treatment systems and grey water recycling.

Auckland Council have specific guidelines as to how your sanitary or sewerage system needs to be set up depending on a range of factors, including; the size of your property, number of bathrooms and likely number of occupants, as well as the density of housing in your area. To ensure that you’re home is not only compliant with local by-laws talk to our expert team today, and get a no-obligation estimate for relevant and effective sanitary drainage for your property.